About us

PWDirect (Auctionpax) a very forward thinking company, with a family run feel, fine attention to detail and a heavy focus on Quality of service and the products we supply.
With over fifty years experience of Sign making and Packaging supplies between us, we have a wealth of knowledge to fall back on, to help our customers with your requirements
PWDirect (Auctionpax) was founded in 2002, then in a kitchen and garage in Southport, Merseyside. The outcome of an idea " with this new fangled thing "ebaY" doing so well - people must need small convenient amounts of packaging " We looked into what was being sold on the auction site and worked out what was required, from small rolls of bubble wrap to packs of 5, 10, 20, 100 jiffy bags, cardboard boxes and Grey plastic mailing bags.
That was to be our product range, over the past 20 years we have supplied countless brands and variations, supplying Jiffy, Featherpost, other brands of bubble lined mailers with Mail-Lite currently being our stocked brand , they are heavily focused on being Environmentally friendly without compromising performance with an internal bubble liner that can be reused as a bubble bag or recycled, with clear messaging on the back of the bag on how to separate the inner liner for recycling.
We work along side local Manufacturers to develop and provide high quality Cardboard boxes and mailers , perfect for sending most items through the postal and courier system in this rapidly changing shopping environment, so that you can have what you need when you need it. Our Bubblewrap and Cardboard products are all produced locally in the Lancashire / Manchester area, with many other products added to our range - parcel tape, office supplies, Grey Mailing Bags, envelopes, labels, documents enclosed pouches, we really are a one stop shop.
But back to who we are ... it was obvious the company wasn't going to survive in the kitchen and Garage and so in 2003 we moved to our current location in Bacup Lancashire U.K. so that would then appear that there hasn't been any change in the last 20 or so years, well that's not the case.
One of our directors Dave Faulkner-Cross who has been with us almost 20 years recalls - " I remember that first day moving to Bacup - This huge warehouse with space for hundreds of pallets , only 8 or so in one corner- standing there thinking what have we done? How are we ever gonna fill and use ALL this space? " he needn’t have worried though, the company went from strength to strength and over the years the "warehouse" has had extra floors added , offices built, and with the addition of the signs side of the business virtually half the building converted into a sign production suite.
So signs ??? why add signs?? Its actually the perfect fit
With the latest Roland Large-Format Inkjet Printers, We continue to improve the quality of our signs products, all are designed, printed and made by hand here in our production suite in Bacup.
We have over 9,000 different individual designs from fire escape to reception, from toilets to dog poo, from hazard / oxygen to x-ray, from recycling to construction, from building site to kennel, stable and rabbit hutch plates. Any sign you require we can produce.
Our growing range of bespoke, personalised, your choice of words signs keeps us on our toes, The signs you have asked us to make from wedding venues to In Memoriam, from place parcels under the mat, to, don't leave them with the neighbour at 47 (we don't get on) , from unit 17 to up this way to the cottage, and from dont let freddie the cat out , to beware of the bees, apparently we need signs for almost everything (and we do mean everything) - many more we can't mention here (not suitable for a family audience) hehahe
We supply stickers, or boarded on Foamex Foamboard, Dibond aluminium composite panels even as magnetics (for fridge or car - or any number of places tbh)
All are weatherproof, suitable for Indoor, Outdoor, upside down, inside out almost anywhere you would like.
So PWDIRECT , Packaging Warehouse, Vital Signs, Auctionpax , which ever name you recognise we are all and the same, we are twenty years in the making and going as strong today as we were twenty years ago, although in some ways hardly recognisable, still holding true to our core beliefs GREAT QUALITY, GREAT PRODUCTS, GREAT SERVICE all with a personal touch and definitely not a faceless company , just there to take your money!