Marine Signs

Marine Safety Signs communicate the use and location of lifesaving systems and appliances. To ensure employees are always aware of the dangers around them, employers need to take every precaution to ensure that staff aren’t in harm's way. In the Marine and Maritime industry, there are several ways this can be accomplished, Marine IMO safety signs are one of them. These signs are used for businesses and individuals who operate on water, whether on ocean, sea, lake or river.  Marine safety signs are the perfect solution for hazardous situations on or around water; they allow sailors/public to identify safety items and other crucial information when they need to act quickly. Each individual sign serves the purpose of helping sailors and citizens to identify several safety features and locations such as lifejackets, life rafts, lifeboats, lifebuoys. All of these signs are there to save lives and to avoid fatal accidents such as drowning. All our signs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and we carry a large selection of these in stock. For more information please visit our website