Warning Signs

Warning signs do exactly what they say, they warn of the dangers or consequences of any one action. They are a very important means of communication to employees, workers and the general public. They promote a safe workplace and environment for all. Safety signs are a means of reinforcing the already known safety precautions and hazards be it an indoor or outdoor job. Many Injuries happen within the workplace due to lack of safety information, or safety precautions taken. This could be in factory, warehouse work or on production lines. Equipment associated with a possible danger needs to carry a label, sticker or sign warning of the specific danger. Warning or danger signs are vital, even if the law does not require a sign that warns of any danger. When it comes to warning signs they are almost exclusively a yellow background with black text/image. These are the colours most associated with warning signs. , although for instance you can have a square sign with a triangle illustration inside it, this is also quite common. The majority of warning signs are triangular in shape, Road warning signs are sometimes surrounded by a red border. It is recommended that warning signs are supplemented with text/telling images which can clarify what the warning is about, especially if there are people who don't understand or have a problem with the language. Personalised warning/safety signs can also be created with any message and custom design. All or signs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. For more information regarding our signs please contact us at sales@pwdirect.co.uk