Fire Safety Signs (G)

Fire signs are the most important signage a public place should have. Fire Exit signs and emergency exit signs/signage are green in colour with white text or symbols usually depicting running man or directional arrow. The signs highlight all locations of emergency exits, routes, passageways and should be placed directly over doors leading out of buildings in case of emergency/fire to avoid any disasters that are caused with people panicking. The fire exit and emergency exit signs are also used to show the locations of fire assembly points. These are usually located in car parks or public places so these signs need to withstand all weathers. Employers and Business owners have a responsibility and duty of care to ensure all staff and public abled and disabled are safe at all times. Fire exit signs are important for providing information on the location of exits to avoid disasters or tragedy and to avoid legal consequences. Fire exit signs provide important information on the location of fire exits so fire exit signage should be visible at all times even in conditions such as darkness or smoke. Understand your fire safety signs. All our signs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
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