Prohibition Signs

Prohibition signs are a type of sign used to try and prevent various activities in certain situations. They are commonly used to identify actions that are either not authorised because they do not follow the rules and regulations of a given area, or that those actions could potentially cause a risk to the health and safety of bystanders
These signs aim to send a clear message to all who see them that some actions are either not safe or are not permitted at all. These can range from Do Not Enter, No Admittance to Danger No Access or Please Slow Down.
Prohibition Signs will usually appear as a circular red band with a single diagonal cross line through it with a white background and a black image, however this can always vary.
Available in a choice of materials, sizes and styles – from vinyl to DI-BOND and even magnetic
As well as this all of our signs can have customised wording or symbols added at no extra cost.
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