CCTV Signs

Trespassers and other criminal activity are constant worries for both the business owner and the homeowner alike; damage caused by criminals is a nuisance, not to mention a sometimes large cost that is never needed. However, you can take various precautions against criminal activity by installing a surveillance system and appropriate warning signage. These 24 hour CCTV in operation signs are perfect for placing in a number of prominent positions throughout your facility. With video surveillance signs and warning signs CCTV such as our CCTV in operation signs you can help protect your home, business or property from intruders, vandals or trespassers. These signs should be placed at all entrances where CCTV is recording and throughout your premises as a constant, visual reminder. They can help to avoid criminal activity. There is nothing to say that you can’t just put up signs as a deterrent. Anti climb paint signs are also a deterrent for intruders as it keeps the surface of climbing objects such as posts and fences greasy and slippery. We have a selection of these signs on our website. All our signs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. For more information regarding our signs please contact us at